File Analysis Dark Data Cleanup

ControlPoint delivers a broad set of features targeted at addressing information management and governance challenges within the enterprise.

Break the Silos of Information: Break down information silos and enforce consistent information governance across the entire corporate infrastructure. ControlPoint helps you achieve this using its inbuilt connectivity to the most commonly used data repositories and its capability to address many others.

Apply Information Lifecycle Management: Analyze all your documents to determine if they hold business value, constitute a record, or hold no value. Identify orphaned and unknown data. Develop a taxonomy and apply a complex policy to impose the most appropriate retention to each document.

Enforce Compliance and Security: Use the ControlPoint analysis and entity extraction capability to identify potentially sensitive documents that need to be protected. Leverage the available policies to ensure that all the documents are properly secured in the desired locations.

Optimize Storage and Application Performance:

Manage and delete data that hold no value. Implement a hierarchical storage management strategy to ensure a better utilization of your storage and to improve your backup and application performance. ControlPoint enables you to understand the value of your data, and thereby gain control of your valuable information and achieve better data management.


Analyze vast amounts of enterprise data and intelligently migrate targeted information to Cloud-based repositories for improved security, user access and lower overall storage costs.


Shine a light on dark data that is sitting unmanaged in email repositories, file shares, and SharePoint sites to save significant storage costs and gain better access to valuable information.


Minimize the cost and risk of declaring records to be managed in a records management system for long-term governance allowing for end-to-end content capture and management practices

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