Why Choose Us

In partnership with Micro Focus, BeachHead & LiveVault. Altonet assists organizations to discover, analyse, manage and secure their information assets. With many years' experience of consulting and solution delivery, Altonet ensures that enterprises and clients have the tools in place that support an holistic approach to the management and governance of their information.


Discover, Manage and Protect your structured and unstructured data.


Our Sales and Technical staff are certified by Microfocus.


All products carry 24/7 email and telephonic support.


Our staff have a combined experience of almost 50 years in the IMG sector!

Micro Focus Gold Partner

We offer a wide range of services from Microfocus assisting organizations identify where and what sensitive data resides on various applications, databases and servers.

Altonet History

Altonet was established Alto Network Communications (Pty) Ltd and in September 2008, the company name was changed to Altonet (Pty) Ltd in order to align the legal name with the trading name.

Altonet sold its Internet Service Provider ("ISP") division as of 01 March 2015, which means that Altonet has since then only been focused on the corporate market for IMG (information Management and Governance).

Altonet is a Specialist Partner and reseller of Micro Focus Connected for backup of endpoint devices, J2Global for LiveVault for backup of servers and Beachhead Solutions for SimplySecure encryption of end point devices in South Africa, with certified engineers for all of these products.

As a Value-Added-Reseller, Altonet has sold to, and supports, licensed versions of these products to customers as diverse as Transnet National Ports Authority, Transnet Capital Projects and Corporate, PwC, Hernic Ferrochrome, Smollan and Cliffe Dekker and Hofmeyr

In 2012, Altonet established a "vault" for its cloud-based data storage (or "SaaS" - Software as a Service) using LiveVault for servers, where it is now storing over 40Tb's of customers de-duped and compressed data, representing well over 100Tb's of data protected. These primary vaults are located in Teraco, Isando - the largest independent, vendor-neutral data centre in South Africa. A second, mirrored, vault is located in a separate location for disaster recovery purposes.

In late 2013, Altonet established a "data centre" (Micro Focus Connected terminology for a vault for the back-ups of PC's and notebooks). Altonet currently has almost 400 Connected users in this new data centre. Altonet currently is the only "HSP" or hosted service provider in South Africa for LiveVault and Micro Foucus Connected.

In addition, Altonet became a reseller of Beachhead Solutions for its SimplySecure encryption as well as well as being a distributor for BHS in South Aftica ("BSS") set of web-managed security systems for all static and mobile devices. It covers both PC and Mac OS's as well as tablets, phones and USB devices. This features remote policy control for all devices covered, as well as enforced encryption, remote data wipe and remote data quarantine. Once a device is reported lost or stolen, such statuses are invoked regardless of internet connections, unlike competing products. Altonet is currently protecting over 1 000 seats using BSS. There is increasing interest in SimplySecure due to devices carrying strategic information being lost or stolen, which is spurred on by the soon-to-be enacted PoPI Act. Beachhead Solutions works well with Connected.

Altonet services a wide range of entities with its HP products, from quoted companies and SOE's to SME's. Its customer list includes:

  • CCMA
  • Cornasys
  • Cornasys Namibia
  • EOH
  • Hernic Ferrochrome
  • Smollan
  • Transnet National Ports Authority
  • Transnet Corporate and Capital Projects
  • Cliffe, Dekker and Hofmeyr


Gareth is a CA(SA) with a CTA and an MA (Applied Ethics for Professionals) from the University of the Witwatersrand. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications sector, which includes 5 years as Financial Director of Foneworx Holdings - now Cognition Holdings.

Mandla holds a BA from Rhodes University and a MBL from Unisa. He runs a SAP consulting firm which also does outsourced work for Accenture.